full filling

2014 —

full filling is the initial project of the MUnCh. full filling explores the colonial histories of fruit to draw out current dialogues around gender, race, nationality, sexuality, and ability in how they shape our ideas of desirability, victory, nostalgia, and consumerism.

full filling has been supported by High Concept Labs’ Sponsored Artist program.

applecation and apples to oranges

the first two presentations of the MUnCh explores fruity histories through a lens of mythology/fairytale and actual agricultural histories. by examining figures such as William Tell, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Saint Sebastian, and Hyacinthus. 

orange you glad

following “apples to oranges,” “orange you glad” takes peripatetic form to go on a transcontinental journey through the colonial history of oranges. the 500-year-old fairytale “The Three Citrons” is used as an example for how particular codings of gender and race through food and myth have become commonplace and shade our understanding today. the walk culminates with the lecturer using a range of foods across a white color spectrum to establish a food pantone for skin color, in order to highlight the troubling literary history that tends to code people of color through the use of food identifiers and use that technique to uncover some of the ways whiteness invisibilizes itself to retain power.

pumpkin pick an ick

pumpkin spice items are now commonly associated with autumn, femininity, and whiteness--also classified as “basic” in popular vernacular. this “pick an ick” allows the audience to pick from a variety of “icks” that are graded on the pH scale of basic to acidic. interspersed with these icks being incorporated into a jack-o-lantern--fillingit toward oversaturation--colonial histories of the various pumpkin spices (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and allspice) are read. once the pumpkin has expelled its combination of icks, a dance with the pumpkin’s guts is performed.