apples to oranges

“apples to oranges” traces a history of apples in popular myths and legends. when we begin to trace a history, we find a path leading us somewhere. this lecture investigates how the path of apple’s trajectory can lead us to orange. orange itself is saved for a different lecture.

fruit in this lecture is presented as a form of desire, and the unnatural history exposed is one that transmits that desire between the fruit body and the human body.  “apples to oranges” re-tells the legends of William Tell and Saint Sebastian, the fairy tales of Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Pinocchio, and the mythology of Hyacinthus in ways that tip the arrow point from apple to orange with a special emphasis on gender expression.


“applecation” is the first project of the MUnCh, before it was formally called the MUnCh. 

“applecation” was initially designed in Fall 2013 as a research performance of apples based on the book Apples by Frank Browning and the themes of apples in mythology.

the MUnCh returned to “applecation” in 2017 as it was preparing other lectures. the new iteration of “applecation” uses dance, lecture, and games of chance to incorporate the audience in the legacy of apples both here in Chicago and abroad. below is an excerpt of “applecation” presented at Slate Arts in October 2017.