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The Clowning of America
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The Chicago Architectural Poetry Project


Meet the Curator
The Museum
of Unnatural history Chicago


The Museum of Unnatural history Chicago (MUnCh) invites you to an anthrodecentric exploration of history through a series of lectures, interventions, and prepared objects. The MUnCh exists as a pseudo-structure; the traveling lectures of expertise our lecturer presents refer to an imaginary site that contains real but often intangible constructs. The work plays with the persona of lecturer and docent to challenge the museum format and presents objects and images that are loaded with alternate histories, from colonial botany to cryptic baking, from humor to horror.


As we enter into the year 2020, we find ourselves craving some certainty in a very uncertain world. We say craving because the MUnCh has been drawn to desire in gastronomic terms. We say certainty because of the mathematic precision one gets from 20 and 20; the political discourse that will grow central to our lives; the equivocation over climate change and human rights.

The MUnCh promises to be an ideological playground. We turn to the unnatural and suppressed in history because those are often disregarded, and in that disregard, vulnerable to the most insidious parts of the projects of empire that surround us. We promise to stay curious and to share our curiosities with others. We promise to be careful, not just kind and agreeable.

We say this exisiting within colonialist processes that value some voices over others, that we enact these processes knowingly and unknowingly at times, that we are a limiting force in our own ways. We say this knowing that we can do better but that we have to do something before we do better.

We recognize that the limitations we have are both  self-imposed and imposed from outside. They are self-imposed because we exist temporarily, ephemerally, digitally with little tangibility. They are imposed from outside by the constraints of capital, time, responsiveness to ongoing events, and relevancy. This is not a claim meant to diminish the work we do; this is a claim to honor the reality of how our work exists and what it exists in relation to.

As we go forward, we ask you to take care in your own lives. What do you want to attend to with more care? Who do you want to care about? How can you manifest care on a daily basis? As we know, history is, at base, a series of days winding forward. We promise to be part of what makes the upcoming days more delicious.

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